REAL FLIGHT DRONE Flight Simulator

iPad and iPhone

Recreates drone flight in every detail

The exclusive RealPhysics™ technology in RealFlight Drone recreates multirotor aircraft and flying environments with exceptional accuracy. The skills you practice on this simulator result in more confident, polished performance when you’re flying real drones!

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Perhaps you’re just beginning to explore the world of drones…or maybe you want to develop aerial photography skills that will help you take better pictures and videos. Whatever your goals, RealFlight Drone helps you achieve them quickly and safely. Learn to maneuver your drone for impressive aerial photos. Develop FPV camera and gimbal control skills to find the best angles. Protect your drone and camera investments by mastering new skills without risk on your PC!StearmanThe InterLink Elite works like a real, high-quality drone flight transmitter and has the same controls — even digital trims. No batteries or complicated setup are required. The controller operates all software functions, so you won’t have to juggle your keyboard and mouse. If you already own an R/C transmitter, you may also be able to fly your drone simulations with it using the InterLink Elite’s built-in interface.— View Product Flier —U.S. Patent #7,010,628   U.S. Patent #6,482,804

Master flight with helpful tools

Refine flying skillsDevelop flight agility skills to be ready for all occasions.

Snap unique photosManeuver into the best position in the Scavenger Hunt challenge.

Intantly correct mistakes with the Reset/Rewind buttonManeuver into the best position in the Scavenger Hunt challenge.

Capture perfect shotsPractice in a variety of conditions, such as day or night.

Perfect FPV (First Person View)Maneuver into the best position in the Scavenger Hunt challenge.

Command the camera gimbalControl the camera to frame each scene from a “drone’s eye view.”

Explore flight with a variety of drones!

  • Hexacopter
  • 8X Quad 1260
  • Hubsan X4 Pro
  • Helimax Voltage 500 3D
  • Quad X
  • Explorer 580
  • Gaui 33X-S
  • H4 Quad 520
  • KnifeEdge Quad
  • Octocopter
  • 8X Quad 1260
  • Tricopter
  • Dead Cat
  • Eldrith Copter